Oct 05, 2020 · Tone

Tone raises $4M to help e-commerce brands connect with their customers

In a post-COVID world, it’s clear online shopping has become the dominant form of shopping, but few companies have considered how you replace the human experience you get with traditional retail.

Tone is announcing today that it has raised $4 million in seed funding led by Bling Capital, with participation from executives from Google, Facebook, Dropbox and Uber.

With the new funding, Amour said Tone will be able to build out the “relationship automation” aspect of the product. He also suggested that the platform could eventually expand beyond text messaging, but it sounds like that’s not a big priority.

“In theory, we’re a conversational sales platform more than we are an SMS company,” Tivan said. “However there are a bunch of trends right now [such as the growth of mobile commerce] that make SMS the most obvious place for this sort of innovation.”


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